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Professional Drywall & Painting Services in Kelowna, BC

We take immense pride in our exceptional drywall and painting services at Fresh Wall Construction. We turn interiors and exteriors into appealing canvases with an unrelenting dedication to excellence. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in interior and outdoor painting, including the meticulous craft of painting cabinets and ceilings. From seamless drywall finishes to vibrant color transformations, we bring a blend of expertise and creativity to every project we undertake. Fresh Wall Construction will take your interiors to the next level by expertly blending quality and design. Your vision is our masterpiece. 

Expert Craftsmanship

Our skilled technicians have years of expertise in the industry, guaranteeing flawless drywall and painting that will last.

Full Spectrum Services

From interior to exterior and even intricate cabinet painting, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your painting needs.

Attention to Detail

We thrive on the slightest nuances, guaranteeing flawless finishes and precise color applications that exceed your expectations.

Transformative Excellence

Witness your space undergo a remarkable metamorphosis. Our commitment to improving aesthetics breathes new life into your property, boosting its attractiveness and value.

Our Painting Services

Revitalize your space with our top-tier drywall and painting services. Elevate aesthetics and transform surroundings.

Drywall Repair Services

Our drywall expertise crafts seamless surfaces that form the foundation of captivating spaces. From installation to repair, we ensure flawless walls that set the stage for stunning transformations.

Painting Services

Unleash the power of color with our painting mastery. Whether indoors or outdoors, our skilled brushstrokes breathe life into your surroundings, showcasing a harmonious blend of creativity and precision.

Exterior And Interior Painting

From the heart of your home to its outer facade, we redefine interior and exterior aesthetics. Our brushwork and attention to detail revitalize interiors and enhance curb appeal effortlessly.


Our Process

Our process harmonizes vision and execution. From meticulous planning and surface preparation to skillful application, we ensure your project evolves seamlessly into a masterpiece of color and texture.

Conceptualization & Planning

We collaborate closely to understand your vision, offering expert advice to translate ideas into a comprehensive plan.

Surface Perfection

Our skilled team preps surfaces meticulously, ensuring a flawless canvas that enhances the paint's longevity and vibrancy.

Artful Application

With precision and care, we apply colors and finishes, bringing your space to life while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship.


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Complete Task


Employees Working


Years Of Experience

Brushing Dreams to Reality: Where Imagination Meets Paint

Welcome to Fresh Wall Construction, where brushes wield magic and walls are woven with dreams. We are the artisans of color, transforming mere spaces into vibrant stories. With every stroke, we conjure a symphony of hues, dancing across your walls like poetry. Immerse yourself in a world where imagination finds its truest expression, where ceilings whisper tales and cabinets exude elegance. From the blank canvas of drywall to the vivid tapestry of exterior facades, our craft bridges your vision and the tangible masterpiece. At our core, we’re not just painters but dream weavers, adding life, character, and emotion to the spaces we hold dear. Elevate your surroundings with us, where creativity flows freely and walls become the canvas of your soul’s narrative.

Bringing Walls to Life, One Stroke at a Time

Witness the magic of color as we breathe life into your spaces. With each brushstroke, we transform walls into vibrant narratives, turning your imagination into tangible beauty.


To redefine spaces through expert craftsmanship, infusing color and texture to evoke emotions, turning ordinary environments into extraordinary experiences.


To be the canvas of innovation, where every stroke brings inspiration. A world where our creations enliven spaces, leaving an indelible mark on aesthetics and emotions.


Craftsmanship: Uphold excellence. Collaboration: Weave visions. Integrity: Transparent endeavors. Creativity: Brush life into walls. Satisfaction: Client smiles. Sustainability: Preserve environments. Passion: Fuel artistic journeys. Growth: Evolve continually.


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Our Speciality

Craftsmanship Excellence

Our seasoned artisans blend creativity and skill to craft flawless surfaces and awe-inspiring color transformations, enhancing your space's aesthetic allure with each stroke.

Comprehensive Expertise

From intricate ceiling painting to transforming cabinets, our holistic approach ensures your entire project is seamless, efficient, and meticulously executed, promising stunning results beyond expectations.

Most popular questions

We provide drywall installation, interior & exterior painting, cabinet and ceiling painting, and comprehensive surface transformations.

Timelines vary by project size and complexity, but we prioritize efficiency without compromising quality.

Absolutely. We offer color consultations and work closely to bring your envisioned palette to life.

We provide a warranty to guarantee the quality and durability of our craftsmanship.

Contact us via phone or email, and we’ll schedule a consultation to understand your needs and provide an accurate quote tailored to your project.


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